Your Voice for the Issues that Matter to Aurora

Bob Roth is your voice and advocate for the issues that matter  most to Aurora.

Public Safety is my number one concern and should be the number one concern of any elected official. Making sure that our Police, Fire Rescue, Ambulance and Dispatch have the resources they need to maintain an environment in which residents feel they can go about their daily lives with certainty is key.

Having a place where residents feel they can live, work and play…and be proud of their address. Parks Recreation and Open Space, Public Works, Libraries are all integral to the success of this mission. As a municipal government, we have to balance the budget every year. It is incumbent that we make sound business decisions on the needs of all of our

Maintain, promote and advocate for more local control for the City of Aurora. We at the local level have a better finger on the pulse of what our local issues are, and we should be in control of our own destiny. As a local elected official, I meet regularly with Ward V citizens and understand what keeps them up at night.

At the heart of what we do, local elected officials advocate for their neighbors. Potholes and snow removal are not sexy issues, but that is what we do. And I don’t have to have all the answers, I just need to know where to find them.

I believe it is critical that our residents feel proud to call Aurora home. From the recreational opportunities afforded them to the condition of our infrastructure and the diversity of our public art, it is imperative that we have a city in which people truly want to live, work and play. This includes working with the private sector to get top notch employers, with good pay and benefits. Working with developers to land the best mixed use facilities. Recognizing Buckley Air Force Base and our military families and the huge asset that they are to the community. Capitalizing on what the Anschutz Campus already is, and what it’s future looks like. And providing trails, open space and recreation that is second to none.

Accomplishment Highlights

A snapshot of some of Bob’s achievements during his tenure on Aurora City Council

  1. Bob helped the Pheasant Run Neighborhood get their pool reopened. During the downturn of the economy in 2009, the Pheasant Run pool was closed in a cost savings measure. The neighborhood came to Bob in 2011 to try and get their pool reopened. Working with the neighbors and City Staff, we were able to come up with a plan to get it reopened and keep it open.
  2. Bob worked to get approval for the Yale and Marina Drive intersection, which residents had been working for years to try obtain. Bob successfully advocated for this intersection with his council colleagues, and got the funding put in the budget in 2015.
  3. Bob  got the Central Recreation Center approved and built, without any money out of the General Fund. The Central Recreation Center was a dream of many in Aurora for more than two decades. After failing twice at the ballot box, they knew that they had to find a different way. Using a unique model, Bob and his councilmembers were able to bond against revenue realized from marijuana sales to fund the construction costs of the center. And now the residents of Ward V have a brand new recreation center to enjoy.
  4. Bob worked with the residents at Heather Gardens and Building 217 after the fire there. After the fire on the sixth floor of Building 217, the neighbors were not being treated fairly and were getting the run-around during a very difficult time. Bob was able to step in and get them help in many ways, including counseling from DRCOG Area Agency on Aging, broker a meeting between the builder, HG staffm and Aurora staff to streamline the process, and give the neighbors a voice.Bob worked closely with the Heather Gardens Board, neighbors, and appropriate City Staff on healing and recovery after the explosion and fire at CP4. I was on scene the night of the explosion, and at every subsequent meeting after. I orchestrated the meeting between the HG Board, HG Public Safety, Aurora Police and Fire and Aurora management staff for lessons learned and to answer questions for the neighbors.
  5. Bob also worked with Meadow Hills Estates and Bel Aire Estates on their concerns with group homes.